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Enterprise RPO is a fully outsourced recruitment solution that encompasses all aspects of an organization's talent acquisition strategy. However, recruiting demands can fluctuate due to various factors such as economic uncertainties, seasonal peaks, new projects, changing rules, and programs, making it difficult for companies to plan for short-term or long-term resources effectively. When there's a sudden need to scale up recruitment, companies often lack the internal capacity to manage effective talent acquisition. An RPO solutions provider can offer agility and access to the best pool of talent, which are key characteristics for building scalability for their partners. With an RPO staffing model, the fixed cost of an in-house model can be converted to a variable cost that adjusts with the business.

At EppeokHR, our enterprise solution team prioritizes our clients' needs and helps to access, analyze, and implement changes that improve their on-demand recruiting strategy. Our RPO talent acquisition team manages the entire recruitment life cycle, including sourcing, screening, scheduling, engaging, and onboarding for organizations, using advanced marketing techniques, research-backed solutions, and employee retention strategies.

The Project RPO model can serve as a pilot for a long-term, end-to-end RPO solution, as it shares the same service design and capability. In some organizations, certain projects require temporary hiring to cater to specific demands. For instance, launching a new product or service might call for additional salespeople, and project RPO can quickly help fulfill this requirement by finding the right talent to ensure effective project execution.

With EppeokHR's project RPO in recruiting; your organization can enhance workforce planning and agility by leveraging market insights and talent analytics. Our innovative and AI-powered screening strategies can help find the right talent faster, while building a diverse workforce with an equitable hiring strategy and creating talent pools for niche and in-demand skills to source qualified talent faster can minimize hiring costs. Therefore, make confident talent decisions with EppeokHR's support.

On-demand RPO recruitment services have become increasingly popular among organizations that want to shift from contract recruiters and RPO staffing agencies to a more strategic partnership for a swift, efficient, and effective core recruitment approach. With EppeokHR's on-demand RPO services, hiring managers and internal recruitment teams can reap all the benefits of conventional RPO on a short-term basis by embedding experts into the existing team to quickly scale up to support the changing business needs.

While recruitment process outsourcing is a long-term investment for permanent recruiting solutions, our Recruiter On-Demand service is a viable method to fill an immediate need for support with the same level of commitment. Our on-demand RPO services offer several benefits, including swift access to talents with proven industry-specific talent acquisition expertise, the ability to expand and contract recruitment capacity when and where it is required and predictable variable costs that replace the process of hiring and training new hires/talents.

EppeokHR's recruiter on-demand solution is tailored to meet the unique needs and circumstances of your organization, helping you efficiently and effectively manage your recruitment needs while remaining agile in an ever-changing market.



A robust recruitment engine with the ability to swiftly ramp up or down the team of recruiters based on dynamic hiring needs


Dashboard and data driven approach makes the model transparent, measurable, repeatable and predictable


Blend our recruitment expertise with AI-powered solutions to find qualified, vetted talent


Streamline RPO recruitment process to deliver high-volume of qualified candidates in less time


Strengthen brand reputation by ensuring uber candidate experiences


Build a diverse and inclusive team that adds value to the organization

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The competitive talent market calls for an agile, scalable and sustainable solution to meet the hiring needs of enterprises. Join us to re-engineer your recruitment process with the right mix of technology, insights and expertise.

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