Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Web Developer?

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Nisha More
Nov 11, 2019

Nowadays, professional courses are in demand. Courses that will guarantee you jobs and new opportunities for decades to come. One such professional course is the web development course. Now have you ever thought of becoming a web developer? Web developers are at the forefront of this internet generation. It is a growing field and requires a lot of patience and skills to achieve heights. To become a web developer, you will require the following mentioned skills and knowledge. A good Web development Institute will include all in their course. Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Web Developer? Let’s find it out.

1. Learn The Basics Of HTML, JavaScript, And CSS

In website development, you need to work with several nuts and bolts on a daily basis. While making your career as a web developer, you must know about:

  • HTML as it dictates the structure
  • JavaScript to make it function
  • CSS to make the website look pretty

Now let us discuss each of these in a bit detail and know how you can learn them.


Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is an essential part of any website and it is one of the frontend languages that you all must be acquainted with. In short, it provides you with a basic outline of a website using the series of tags. Now, what is Tag? It is that HTML code that can control the appearance of the HTML documents or contents.


JavaScript is nothing but the programming language which allows you to implement elements on the web pages. It has some amazing features such as 2D/3D graphics, interactive maps, and so on.


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets help you to put the style behind the HTML structure. Without it, the whole web page will look boring. Thus, it is an essential component to know if you want to become a web developer.

2. Get To Know UI And UX

Knowing about the UI or User Interface as well as the UX or User Experience is very much essential to become a full-time web developer. We know most of the website developers aren’t expertise in designing but these two are different realms. For this, you don’t need to be a designing expert.

To understand how a website works, you must learn about the fundamentals of user experience design. It helps to keep more users stay on the site, give them easy navigation and as a result, they spend more money on the site. Isn’t it the main goal for all developing a website?

The very first thing that you should dive into is Photoshop and to learn block buildings of design skills, you can opt for Adobe Creative Suite.

3. Learn The Basics Of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is yet another important factor that you need to become a web developer. It a process to increase the rank of any specific website within a search engine, for example, Google. In online business, SEO is one of the essential skills. Now you have a question in your mind-“Why do I need to know about SEO if I wish to become a web developer?”

Yes! SEO largely depends on content but the actual code, as well as the structure, plays a vital role. To say, HTML tags are an essential part of SEO as they tell the search engine the important part about the site. You no need to become an SEO expert but knowing the basics of SEO will help you do much better in your career as a web developer. A good institute will surely cover the basics of SEO in your Web Development course.

Mostly, importantly this additional knowledge will help you get better clients and will make them happier.

4. Learn The Basics Of WordPress

While you think of becoming a web developer, you will come across the term WordPress. Almost 60% of the websites are now powered by this open-source and free software. You can install it on any web host of your choice. It allows you to put the contents and even better makes it easy for the clients to add their own content even with no experience in web development.

Learning about WordPress will help you fetch more clients in the web development field. However, you must have in-depth knowledge about the same to master in web development.

5. Make A Responsive Site

To become a web developer, you need to make sure the website you create is responsive. It means all the elements you put into your website must fit the screen size. This will ensure good visibility of the website and will allow your visitors to have a good view of both a laptop and a mobile device. And you can learn this obviously from a good Web development Institute such as Eppeok.
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6. Learn PHP And SQL

PHP and SQL are the two sides of the same coin. PHP is a scripting language to pull or place information from the database. SQL, on the other hand, is a database to store information. To master the WordPress site development, you should learn PHP as well as SQL. It isn’t easy to master these in a week or two. However, over time you will understand the subject and will more and more practice you will have a profitable career ahead.Conclusion:

Still confused about Do you have what it takes to become a Web Developer? This guide will surely help you to go through the Web developer courses and get yourself prepared to become a professional in the field. But, we still recommend you to visit a reliable Web Development Institute and complete your course.

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